Why do we organise promotion?

Our promoters will give your brand an unmistakable face and will make your promotion an unforgettable experience –unforgettable and unique. We will help you with all aspects of your promotion – choosing the right promoter, forming a work schedule and realising a successful event. While we help you realise your ideas we always pay great attention to offering you qualified personnel and a realisation of the project within your financial limitations.

How do we realise a promotion?

First of all: We do not have „ready-to-go“ concepts – we will collaborate with you and design an individual concept that will create a successful promotion. For all planned promotions – no matter if you book our services for flyering, to help during a road show or to organise a tasting event – we can rely on years of experience and highly motivated promoters.
To ensure that your product or service is presented in a trustworthy and responsible way we as Promotionagentur Berlin – Potential Allstars use target-specific briefings to enable our promoters to do just that. 

What kind of operations do we offer?

The Promotionagentur Berlin – Potential Allstars offers you the following consumer promotions:

  • Road shows
  • Street promotion
  • Samplings
  • Presentation of new products
  • Flyering, tombola's etc.

What do promoters do?

Promoters can do nearly everything – therefore you can ask them to do nearly everything!

For example during a street promotion a promoter can do:

  • Flyering
  • Hand out product samples
  • operate a lucky wheel, tombola's

But in the end we want you to get what you want! The promoters therefore can do way more than just that.  During a road show for example our promoters can also:

  • Sell your new product
  • Promote your service or product in a costume (Walking Acts)
  • Present your product via microphone or on stage

What else do we offer?

The Promotionagentur Berlin – Potential Allstars does not only have promoters and hostesses we are also able to offer you:
  • Hands
  • Service personnel,
  • Chauffeurs
  • Presenter

Our team is more than happy to help you with any further question you might have!

How do I find the right promoter?

We know that to achieve a successful promotion you need "more than beautiful people".
In collaboration with you we define the desired characteristics of the promoters and will allocate a pre-selection of possible candidates from our promoter-pool. Important criteria might be:

  • The look
  • Qualifications
  • Age

The chosen promoters need to fulfil the expectations of the client and also need to be target group orientated. This will happen no matter where the promoters will work – if in pedestrian areas, supermarkets or nightclubs. If you want you can use our online booking service with which you can directly chose the promoter you would like to work for you.

To do so please visit our promoter-pool.

The Promotionagentur Berlin – Potential Allstars will provide all necessary elements for a successful promotion: the right personnel – matching clothes – target orientated briefing.

What defines a good promoter?

Basically promoters need to be able to do one thing: sale! Promoters need to be communicative and sociable people who are goal- orientated but also empathetic: „They need to be self-confident and convinced to promote the best product or service without being arrogant about it“. It is important that the look and the age of the promoter are aligned to the brand and the target group.

The perfect promoter is defined by:

  • neat appearance
  • self-confidence
  • Discipline and reliability
  • Communication skills
  • Ablility to stay calm in any situation

For people who have more to offer than beauty and who are interests to work, as a promoter, here is the link guiding you to our online application form.

Fine feathers make fine birds

For a successful event it is important that the style and colour of all outfits are uniform and match the clients wishes and the target- group. A big part of our work is to provide the outfits you wish for.


Final of „The Voice of Germany“ 2015

2015 ended very glamorous with a VIP event for the final of „The Voice of Germany“.
Our promoters offered the VIP audience refreshing drinks of the lifestyle brand ALO. ALO is the first chewable aloe vera drink that does not consist of aloe vera pulp.

The audience was soon convinced by the charming presentation of our promoters that AOL is a unique and new drinking experience. After the show the finalists and the jury members – Max Herre, Samu Haber, Nena and The Boss Hoss - also tested ALO and celebrated the winner of the third season – Andreas Kümmert – also known as the „Rocket Man“.

Our Service:

  • Presentation and sampling of the new product
  • Explanation of the subject- specific facts (such as production, ingredients, idea and background etc.)
  • Taking picture of the product, promoters, VIPs and other guests

Information event "job specific education"

2014 the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Ecology and Technology started with the information event „Job specific Education – is beaten by nothing“.
2015 they let organise a second run of the event. Our promoter team was travelling through Germany from February until December and showed the campaign in 30 cities on 40 different days. During these informational days youngster, newly employed people and other employees had the opportunity to inform their selves about binary apprenticeship and advanced training.

During the tour the driver and promoters were responsible for keeping the tour schedule, handling of the technical equipment and needed to order independently new material if leaflets or give aways were nearly empty. During the event days the promoters did normal promoter activities such as handing out flyers and informing interested visitors.

Sometimes the driver and promoters got extra help of some of our hostesses. At fairs and at the open house day of the ministries in Berlin the hostesses did a charming and professional job.

Neben den Fahrern/Promotern ergänzten unsere Hostessen zeitweise das Promoter-Team. Auf Messen und am Tag der Offenen Tür der Bundesministerien in Berlin sorgten sie mit einem charmanten und professionellen Auftritt für einen unverwechselbaren Messeauftritt.

On the road with the information car:

Our services:

  • Coordination of all 40 Event days
  • Supervision of all event days through our driver/promoter
  • Transportation of the information car to all cities by our driver
  • Implementation of the promotion in all cities
  • Maintenance of technical equipment
  • Mending of small overhauls of the three information cars
  • Inventory of the information leaflets and give always
  • Planning of the tour schedule and other travel organisations such as booking hotels
  • Fair hostesses
  • Daily documentation and evaluation of events

BMW - Berlin Marathon

Also this year our promoter and hostesses will support the TATA Group during the 40th BMW Berlin Marathons. TATA Consultancy Services is one of the main sponsors of the Berlin Marathon.

From 26. – 29.09.2013 17 motivated and charming promoter and hostesses with different responsibilities were working for TATA Group.

At the Berlin Vital Fall 2013, which is the fair for sports, health and lifestyle 11 eager promoters were distributing fans (cardboard pieces which can be folded and then make a loud noise if hit into the other hand) with the course of the marathon to visitors. They also informed the visitors about the marathon app which was designed by TATA Group.

Two enchanting hostesses of our agency were supervising the photo booth of TATA Consultancy. They encouraged the visitors to have their photo taken in front of a picture of the Brandenburg Gate. The photo was sent to them directly via email. The photo scene resembled the area at the Brandenburg Gate where the runners would cross the finish line. In the end it looked like the photographed person is crossing the finish line as the winner. The visitors were excited about their winning pose pictures.

Three other clever hostesses were supervising a video game that could be played by the visitors. They were explaining the game with a lot of humour and expertise and were helping out if the visitors had any questions concerning the game. The game was an interactive running game. The player was running a short version of a marathon on a big belt and an avatar was mimicking all movements on a screen. The speciality was that the avatar on the screen was running through other cities such as Chicago, Boston and New York. The player who ran the distance the fastest was able to win 2 tickets for the Mumbai Marathon (19.01.2014).

On Sunday, 29.09.13, our photographer Philipp Plum was live at the 40. BMW Berlin Marathon and took many beautiful pictures. He was there to document the start, was motivating the runners at the refreshment points and cheered for them while taking their finishing photos.

Our services

  • distribution of fans
  • Promotion of the TATA BMW Berlin MarathonaApp
  • Encouraging visitors to have their photo taken
  • Supervision and briefing of the players of the interactive running game
  • Photographer for the fair and marathon
  • Coordination of hostesses, promoter and logistics
  • Logistics of info material

Regus Express at Shell

From April until August 2013 a team of our promoter were in charge of the new Business Lounges of REGUS Express. The new Business Lounges are to be found at 21 selected Shell fuel stations in Berlin and surrounding. In theses lounges it is possible for businessmen to use all modern technical office devices such as fax, printer and scanner. Furthermore Regus Business Lounge offered a comfortable and quite working area. It is even possible to rent a conference room at any time needed. The idea behind the Business Lounge is to offer a space for travelling businessmen and therefore adapting to the more flexible way of working.

Our team was counting 30 sales promoters who were welcoming the customers and were explaining how to use the equipment. They were also informing on possible financial conditions of using the Business Lounge.

The promoters were inviting the customers to try the devices and possibilities the Business Lounge offered. They were handing out information material, were collecting contact information of the customers and were responsible for taking care of the new and old clients of Regus via telephone service calls.

During the big opening and the open house day of the Business Lounge our hostesses were welcoming the guests and made their time as pleasurable as possible with drinks and snacks.

The competent staff of Potential Allstars was taking care of the lavish decoration, general care- taking of the Business Lounge and maintenance of the technical equipment during the entire time period.

Our services:

  • coordination of all Event days
  • Supervision of all 21 Business Lounges in Berlin and surrounding
  • Product recommendation
  • Welcoming the visitors, guided tour through the Business Lounge and presentation of the technical equipment
  • Customer acquisition
  • Face-to-face and telephone care-taking of new and old clients
  • Decoration of the Business Lounge, catering, offering drinks for new clients
  • Production of outfits, promotional tools and give aways
  • Regular briefing sessions on the company Regus and its products
  • Daily documentation and evaluation of events
  • General care- taking of the Business Lounge
  • Inventory and maintenance of technical equipment

Visit Berlin

In celebration of “775 years Berlin” our promoters were working from 25. August- 28. October 2012.  At central point in the city there were info box houses and our promoters were informing visitors and other interested persons about the anniversary.
It started with the “31. Long Night of the Museums” on 25. August 2012. During this summer night all museums in Berlin stayed open until 2am and welcomed all interested visitors happily.
The highlight of the anniversary festivities was the final celebration on 28. October 2012. More than 100.000 visitors came to see the special exhibitions in “Feuerzauber” such as “Mediaeval traces” and the accessible city map.

12 of our promoter were daily informing tourists and locals in the info box houses during the anniversary time. For 65 days they were representing Berlin – no matter if it rained or if the sun was shining. They were giving out information about the exhibitions, about the touristic sights and coordinated guided tours for the special anniversary exhibitions.

Our services:

  • Giving information about the anniversary exhibitions in German, English, French and Spanish
  • Coordinating guided tours for different exhibitions
  • Sale of articles for the anniversary and Visit- Berlin products
  • Daily documentation, settlement of the till and ordering of new information material
  • Daily coordination of promoters (times and places)
  • Continued briefing during the total period
  • Efficient implementation and usage of synergy- effects (fixed team of promoter)

Here you can see a few pictures of -
"Visit Berlin - 775 Jahre Berlin".

History Channel

HISTORY Channel Promo - Promoter

In 2011 the History Channel had a road show through Europe called “Experience History”. During its stop in Germany our promoter were helping with the road show. In Stuttgart and Berlin the promoters were accompanying the visitors on an exciting and educational time travel through the history of the Earth, humankind and the universe. Beside this time travel in the “Info- Bus”, the visitors could watch spectacular documentaries in 3D in a nearby cinema tent.

One male and one female promoter who were highly interested in history and technical development did the supervision during the whole day. They were actively helping visitors in German and English.

Our services:
  • Actively accompanying the visitors (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian speaking)
  • Actively inviting people close by to come to the “Info- Bus”
  • Distributing flyer